The Da Vinci Code

Feb 25, 2006Comments off

The Da Vinci Code has been THE book of the past two to three years. It jumped

Inside Narnia: A Guide to Exploring the Lio...

Oct 26, 2005Comments off

In true CSI fashion, author Devin Brown dusts for fingerprints and shines his ultraviolet light into every

Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

Jul 24, 2005Comments off

Imagine a fifty-year-old white woman with dreadlocks who is an ex-drug addict raising a fifteen-year-old son on her own, and you begin to get a

Behind the Sceen: Hollywood Insiders on Fai...

Jul 21, 2005Comments off

Behind the Screen is must reading if you’ve ever cast a stone at Hollywood, wondered how we can span the gap

Holy Superheroes: Exploring Faith And Spiri...

May 30, 2005Comments off

Garrett shows how comics are really a retelling of the Judeo-Christian story of redemption, a.k.a “the gospel.” Thus they are to be taken seriously, because

Reflections for Movie Lovers

May 28, 2005Comments off

If you’re looking for a daily dose of brief, movie-inspired spiritual thoughts, Reflections for Movie Lovers

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