Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to...

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One thing is clear, the wizarding world has far more charm across the pond than it does here stateside. Case-in-point; in the UK they call

Movie Review: Dr. Strange

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Strange things happen in Dr. Strange (I promise that will be the only title pun I make). At its core, Dr. Strange is a typical

Movie Review: Priceless

Movie Review: Priceless

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Grammy Award-winning Christian music duo for KING & COUNTRY is well known for their high-energy concerts and number one radio hits. Their newest project, Priceless,

Poets & Saints

Album Review: All Sons & Daughters, Po...

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“All Sons & Daughters’ fourth full-length album, Poets & Saints (Integrity Music), along with a companion book penned by Jamie George, curriculum and a study

Hillsong Let Hope Rise

Movie Review: Hillsong – Let Hope Ris...

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Pureflix presents a Gracehill Media and Media Weaver Entertainment production, Hillsong – Let Hope Rise showing in a theater near you on September 16th. Music is

Movie Review: Sully

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With a 155 lives at stake, including his own, and only seconds in which to make a decision that could decide all of their fates,

Greater Movie

Movie Review: GREATER

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The triple threat of football, faith, and film frequently finds its way to the big screen. We love a good story about a comeback team,

Ben-Hur 2016

Movie Revew: Ben-Hur (2016)

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There are movies that are classics, and then there are classics that will seemingly endure forever. The story of Ben-Hur has been told in numerous

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