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Movie Review: Power Rangers

Mar 24, 2017Comments off

What if The Breakfast Club had super powers? I’m pretty sure somewhere along the line that was part of the pitch for this new Power

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

Mar 17, 2017Comments off

Beauty and the Beast is Disney’s biggest gamble yet when it comes to their recent trend of remaking animated classics. This isn’t some movie that

The Great Wall

Feb 17, 2017Comments off

The Great Wall of China is an ideal setting for a truly epic, dramatic and engrossing adventure. Unfortunately, The Great Wall isn’t really that kind


Dec 21, 2016Comments off

When I first saw the previews for Sing, my first thought was, “Why would anyone pay money to see an animated singing contest when they

Movie Review: Moana

Nov 23, 2016Comments off

Disney’s neo-classic streak continues with Moana, a not wholly original, but still thoroughly enjoyable film for the family to enjoy during the holidays. While many

Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to...

Nov 18, 2016Comments off

One thing is clear, the wizarding world has far more charm across the pond than it does here stateside. Case-in-point; in the UK they call

Movie Review: Dr. Strange

Nov 04, 2016Comments off

Strange things happen in Dr. Strange (I promise that will be the only title pun I make). At its core, Dr. Strange is a typical

Movie Review: Sully

Sep 09, 2016Comments off

With a 155 lives at stake, including his own, and only seconds in which to make a decision that could decide all of their fates,

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