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I am a speaker, author, and pastor. I have been a part of Hollywood Jesus for a number of years now, almost since the beginning. I make my living by writing and of course speaking. You can visit The Virtual Pew to learn more about me and the topics I present on. I take joy in serving The Lost, The Last, and The Least, whether Christian, or not. I also pastor Mosaic Wichita a church in Wichita Kansas that attempts to serve those who have given up on church. We offer services to the down and out and homeless community. We also care about those who have been abused. My book The Keystone Kid tells my story and can be found at major retailers, Amazon where you can download the Kindle Version for .99 cents and where you can get the audio book for free.

The Virtual Pew

Jun 06, 2007Comments off

On Monday evening, June 4, Sojourners and CNN hosted a Democratic Presidential Candidate forum on Faith and Politics with the top three Democratic Candidates, John

The Virtual Pew / They Don’t Understa...

Jun 01, 2007Comments off

Do you ever feel like people just don’t understand you, ever hurt during the tough times, today’s blog is for you, it is one I

Dieting, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

May 31, 2007Comments off

What is the journey you need to look at taking? What are the things holding you back from the good? Are you willing to take

Craig Morgan / The Virtual Pew

May 30, 2007Comments off

Today’s Virtual Pew Input looks at an Old Fashioned Sunday with Craig Morgan. Here is an excerpt from today’s blog. There are a lot of

The Virtual Pew

May 29, 2007Comments off

I know not everyone is aware of The Virtual Pew but I challenge you to take a look. We try to update daily and it

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s ...

May 27, 2007Comments off

Although it had its positive attributes, there was a lot about POTC: At World’s End that I didn’t care for. With the exception of

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