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I am a speaker, author, and pastor. I have been a part of Hollywood Jesus for a number of years now, almost since the beginning. I make my living by writing and of course speaking. You can visit The Virtual Pew to learn more about me and the topics I present on. I take joy in serving The Lost, The Last, and The Least, whether Christian, or not. I also pastor Mosaic Wichita a church in Wichita Kansas that attempts to serve those who have given up on church. We offer services to the down and out and homeless community. We also care about those who have been abused. My book The Keystone Kid tells my story and can be found at major retailers, Amazon where you can download the Kindle Version for .99 cents and where you can get the audio book for free.

The Virtual Pew

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The new Christmas book by long time HJ contributor Mike Furches continues with chapter 7. This is a Christmas story that is about more than

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Detective Hay started to explain, "In some rare cases of restitution, at the request of the victim, the judge will allow the perpetrator to work

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On this day, James lay on his cot at the Juvenile Detention Center thinking about Charlie, Buddy and Barb. He wondered, what would happen

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Charlie and Tayra just shook their heads in shock while at the same time thinking of the earlier question Detective Hay had asked of himself,

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Detective Hay felt close to the Hamm’s. He saw the family at church and had been involved with them in numerous church activities. He always

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Charlie enjoyed Christmas more than any of the holidays and his house showed it. While the region surrounding Tulsa was noted for its holiday decorations,

Film Festival On The Plains, Tallgrass 2014

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Over the last 4 or 5 years I have had the honor of covering The Tallgrass Film Festival in Wichita Kansas. It is according to

The Judge

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Duvall is at the top of this game, Downy has never been better, and the supporting cast is excellent. I can't think of a better,

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