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I am a speaker, author, and pastor. I have been a part of Hollywood Jesus for a number of years now, almost since the beginning. I make my living by writing and of course speaking. You can visit The Virtual Pew to learn more about me and the topics I present on. I take joy in serving The Lost, The Last, and The Least, whether Christian, or not. I also pastor Mosaic Wichita a church in Wichita Kansas that attempts to serve those who have given up on church. We offer services to the down and out and homeless community. We also care about those who have been abused. My book The Keystone Kid tells my story and can be found at major retailers, Amazon where you can download the Kindle Version for .99 cents and where you can get the audio book for free.

Stained Glass Rainbows, Christianity and Ho...

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There is little doubt, one of the most heated topics in the church today is the role of faith in regards to homosexuality. It brings

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The Bible is full of instruction; one of the benefits of the church is that appropriate instruction should be given. Remember, the role of a

An Interview With Luke Zamperini, Son of th...

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Oh, absolutely! He expressed from the very beginning that whatever shape the film took, it had to include him making his promise in the life

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Are you ready for the number one way that we as a society—caregivers and helpers in particular—can make a change? Here you go: to know

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The new novel by Mike Furches, A Christmas Story, continues, addressing racism, understanding, reconciliation, victim restitution and more. Scheduled to be published in 2015, it


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I love movies, so much so that on occasion I will drive three hours through rush hour traffic in a major city to see one.

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It didn't take much of an effort to see that while there was some progress in the form of better jobs, careers and so

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Dec 04, 2014Comments off

HJ Reviewer continues with his new book A Christmas Story posted here first prior to publication in 2015. A unique tale of breaking down barriers

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