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Album Review: After All These Years, Brian & Jenn Johnson (Bethel Music)

March 31, 2017
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It’s been over 10 years since their last solo release. Bethel Music’s Brian & Jenn Johnson have released their highly anticipated album After All These Years.  Cowriting every song on the album together, After All These Years is a bit different from previous projects as each story-filled song is backed up by a bright 80-piece symphony orchestra.

“We wrote this album because of seasons that God has proved His faithfulness in,” share the Johnsons. “This project is the overflow and expression of that. We hope it inspires you to go after all that God is asking you to do. We’ve watched our parents and grandparents do this, and they have handed down a model that has influenced how we live and how we are dreaming into the future. Community, family, and carrying His name – that is the kingdom – and that is for every believer.”

This album becomes more and more dear to me each time I listen. It is a collection of songs that stirs the soul and feel very personal. I can almost imagine the stories behind the lyrics of each track.

Brian & Jenn Johnson lead us on a journey of reminders of who God is and memories of who He has been to us After All These Years. It’s a beautiful honor to be taken along as they praise our God and process their faith life.

You’re Gonna Be Ok offers hope to the road-weary traveler. Jenn’s smooth and sultry vocals pair well with the heartfelt lyrics and soothing instrumentation. I couldn’t help but believe her as she sang,

And when the night is closing in
Don’t give up and don’t give in
This won’t last, it’s not the end
You’re gonna be ok
~Bethel Music, You’re Gonna Be Ok

I find myself somewhat struggling at this point to find words to adequately express how much I appreciate this album. Each tune parallels stories in my own journey making it a most intimate and worshipful experience that is challenging to articulate.

For the well-traveled pilgrim, I recommend this album.
For the worshipper, I recommend this album.
For the weary soul, I recommend this album.
For the war-torn fighter, I recommend this album.
For the spirit in need of a gentle refresher, I recommend this album.

After All These Years Tracklisting
1. Mention of Your Name
2. Only Jesus
3. Gravity
4. I Won’t Forget
5. Mercy and Majesty
6. Here I Bow
7. Greater Than All Other Names
8. After All These Years
9. You’re Gonna Be Ok
10. For the One

After All These Years is available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon as well as other major sites and shops.

About Brian & Jenn Johnson
Brian & Jenn Johnson are co-founders of Bethel Music, WorshipU, and have been integral in the production of more than 15 albums that have influenced the culture of worship across the global church. They are committed to raising healthy family, cultivating community, and fostering unity among worship leaders from around the world. Brian & Jenn’s newest solo album, After All These Years will release in January 2017. Brian facilitates an atmosphere of faith in worship and has written anthems such as “Have it All”, “We Will Not Be Shaken” and “One Thing Remains,” which was awarded No. 1 song for ASCAP Christian Music and No. 1 Radio Single in 2013. Known for her powerful vocals and unique prophetic sound, Jenn has authored songs such as, “In Over My Head”, “Come To Me”, “God I Look to You” and “O Taste and See.” Together they are passionate about raising up worshippers who take hold of their true identity and pursue intimacy with God above all else. Brian and Jenn reside in Redding, California, with their three wonderful children.

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