Album Review: MercyMe, Lifer

March 26, 2017
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MercyMe releases their newest album, Lifer, on Friday, March 31st and it is AWESOME! The sound is full of fun beats, lots of energy, and the profound lyrics we have come to expect from these guys. This album, though, is not a typical MercyMe album. Instead, it has this amazing power to force the listener to get up and dance. I kid you not, you will find yourself bopping your head, tapping your feet, or full-on dancing in your kitchen with the volume cranked up, especially during the title track. Lifer is such a fun experience!

“This new record is the logical next chapter after our last album, and it carries a new perspective,” MercyMe’s Bart Millard remarked. “Welcome To The New was all about grace and identity in Christ; a welcoming to the life of being a new creation by grace. And it’s such an exciting truth to grasp, but then life continues to go on and eventually the newness of that wears off and we need encouragement and support to sustain us. For me personally, I sing about being new every night on tour and I don’t always feel so new. So the album title LIFERand the theme of the record is all about reminding ourselves and others about the victory we have in the end through Christ. We are all in this for life – even on the days when we don’t feel like doing any of it. We want these songs to be a morale boost to remind people of who they are and what Christ has done.”

There are a couple of slower songs thrown into the mix that allows you to catch your breath in between those dance fests. “Even If” has become a fan favorite through radio play and the original song that drew me to this album. The lyrics remind us of God’s faithfulness “even if” the outcome is not as we would have it. “Ghost” is also a slower song to close the album, speaking of the Holy Ghost that brings us comfort. That’s it. Two songs. The rest of the album is non-stop dance! It is, literally, impossible to not get up and move.

Lifer is such a fun and exciting album, making it difficult to refrain from smiling or practicing my latest moves! Friday can’t come soon enough, as release day promises to add joy to fans everywhere. It really is a fantastic album, it may be my favorite one yet. It has been on repeat in our home for over a month now. It’s that fun!

You can pre-order the album now and grab a handful of swag with it by visiting MercyMe’s website. Or head over to iTunes instead. Check them out live in concert with their upcoming tour schedule. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay in the know. The countdown until the 31st begins now….




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