A.D. The Bible Continues

December 31, 2015
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Over Christmas we spent time as a family watching A.D. The Bible Continues.  Living on the east coast this show came on T.V. to late for our boys now 10 and 9 to watch, so I was really happy to have a second chance to do so! Watching shows like this can be great discussion starters with our kids.

If you were a fan of The Bible Series, watching A.D. The Bible Continues will be your next favorite.  Picking up where the previous series ended A.D. The Bible Continues is the book of Acts reviewed.  What I loved the most about this series is how the personality differences of each character are presented.  It’s great to see scripture brought to life with inflection, tone and facial expressions.

Of course, it must be said that not all of the stories in A.D. The Bible Continues are found in the Bible.  What these hour long stories do is remind the viewer that each of the people written about had a family and a story prior to the book of Acts.  There were political differences in addition to religious ones and each person was wrestling with fear and resistance to change.  It was really interesting to see the writer’s views on how God continued to reveal Himself to people in Jerusalem.  For me, it was a great reminder that God doesn’t need us in order to get His message across.

Another bonus of watching A.D. The Bible Continues on Blu Ray was watching the behind the scene interviews.  It’s really interesting to hear about all the hard work that goes into transforming an area for filming.

My one disappointment with this series is the way it ends.  Obviously it was a cliff hanger to build into the next season, but that season didn’t  happen and now I’m left wishing there was more.



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